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(Mostly) Friends Only

Comment to be added. :D

Anime LJ TCG

If anyone is interested in non-LJ TCGs, my trade post is here. Refer me! /shamelessplug

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Fanfiction: The End and Beginning

Title: The End and Beginning
Rating: PG-13, because Itachi's a psychopath
Characters: Itachi-centric
Words: 1,284
Summary: Itachi had always strived to have almost no major weaknesses. He wasn't going to stop now.

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i need a glass of water or something

Quick post since I've been insanely busy lately:

1. I just realized I left the last two entries unlocked. Oops? ...Then again, I should probably leave some public so people will know how little sanity I have left what they're getting into.


3. After seeing the full image of the colored Team Hebi, I retract most of my earlier criticisms. They still look REALLY GAY, but no one's actually neon-colored. Pastels I can take.

4. I'm now Kakashi in konohacraiglist! It's my first RP ever. LET'S ALL HOPE I DON'T SCREW IT UP.

5. My mouth kind of tastes like plastic, WTF.


No more highlighters for Kishi

I'm glad LJ is fixing things up now. :D

The new chapter cover looks like a shoujo manga. XDD I guess Kishi really is targeting the fangirls now.

TEAM HEBI COLORS OH GOD WHYYYY. I don't mind purple. In fact, it was once my favorite color. Much of my room is purple. BUT NOT NEON PURPLE AND THEN NEON PINK. D: Just when I thought no one could beat Naruto for most inappropriate ninja outfit... along comes Team Hebi. Anyway, FASHION BREAKDOWN:

+ hair color
+ not blue (I didn't really want Kisame 2.0)
- that shirt probably glows in the dark

Sasuke: Might as well do him too
+ gay pirate
- there is no reason for that huge blue piece of cloth hanging from his waist
? maybe he's trying to look fat so the fangirls will leave him alone (NOT WORKING)

+ at least her shorts and shoes are black
- her shirt is the exact same color as Sasuke's D:
? if you made her hair stand up super-saiyan style, she'd look exactly like one of those naked troll dolls

+ hair makes him look less like Hitsugaya's older brother
? ...he's wearing a curtain and I can't hold him responsible for the Uchiha Cat Lady's taste in decoration

I don't want to write my History essay... I want to go to sleep. -_-

Well, crap

I thought that thing going around about LJs being deleted because of questionable interests was a rumor blown out of proportion... Turns out it's not. D:

I hope this all blows over soon.



My teeth are sore. ;_; All she did was clean and floss them. I can't wait until I get my wisdom teeth pulled. Yay. D:

I'm actually going to try really hard to floss now, because that stupid dentist scared the bejeezus out of me. They make it look so easy in the office. :( Oh, and apparently our last dentist was an idiot because he didn't do my sealants(sp?) or my mom's caps right. Yay, more pain!

That pretty much took care of the whole day (more than 3 hours!) so I got out of school today, for the most part. :D Then my brother and I forced my mom to watch the first DVD of FMA. And OMG, she liked it. This is the first anime she's liked since DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, and Howl's Moving Castle. GEEKY VICTORY!

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